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Skyline Networks is a UK based WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) providing internet access and other connectivity services via our secure radio network. Started in 2003 with the aim of bringing high speed affordable connectivity out of the City centres, we have designed and engineered a robust and flexible network that now covers much of the South East. We continue to expand with plans to increase coverage in the South East to any area there is a business need. Our method of delivery provides a new alternative in connectivity; one free from the constraints of copper-wire or fibre optic delivery, and one that shows real value to the companies we serve.

Our own network ...

Because we wanted to provide a totally independent alternative to traditional internet service delivery we designed and built our own network and have our own independent AS/public address range. This means that we can peer directly with other ISP's and control the flow of traffic over whoever we choose. This is one of the fundament building blocks that allows us to provide differnt layers of redundancy throughout the network. Because each link we install is capable of providing much higher bandwidths than the customer normally requires, we are easily able to provide additional services over the single connection such as VoIP with PSTN Termination, burstable offsite backup, remote access, LAN Extension and IA Redundancy services, all in one simple solution. Because we're wireless we are not hindered by the constraints of delivering connectivity via copper or fibre. It doesn't matter how far away your telephone exchange is, or whether there's a fibre connection near enough to your building. If we can connect you on our network we can reach you with a communications platform that will drive the growth of your company for years to come.

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